Coaching and Consulting

Carmen has extensive business management and accounting experience. She has worked with several industries gaining knowledge of what leadership, financial, and structural characteristics make companies successful . Industries Carmen has experience with are in the Manufacturing, Retail, and Service industries, specifically, construction, restaurants, beauty, web based businesses, warehousing , automotive, law groups, associations, and healthcare.

Why a Leadership/Business Coach? Organizational pitfalls often occur from not having the right or any leadership training. Many people ascend to leadership positions because they have master a particular skill set. However, most people are not trained in how to lead people and influence behaviors. As a result, turnover and absenteeism rates increase and morale plummets. This in turns leads to poor performance. A Leadership Coach can help you increase an understanding of organizational behaviors, modify ineffective behaviors, and increase necessary interpersonal skills.

A Business Consultant can work with you to review current progress, identify trends, identify strengths and weaknesses, identify goals and gaps, and assist in strategy development and implementation of plans.

Whether your consulting needs address challenges related to the start up phase, right sizing, team building, the growth phase, or a reengineering strategy, Carmen can help you get where you want to go.