Hypnotherapy is a proven, safe, and effective method for change. Hypnosis is a natural, normal state of awareness. We experience it every day. Any time you have day dreamed, you have experienced hypnosis. Anytime, you are driving and don’t remember passing the exit or the house, you sort of “lose” time, you have experienced hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been a tool for change for many years. There is research supporting the use and effectiveness of hypnosis in a number of different areas. One of these areas is in stress reduction and relaxation.

Throughout the years, I have helped people make changes with the use of hypnosis. For instance changing habits, such as smoking, losing weight, or sleep; improving confidence or performance, such as test taking, sports performance, or general esteem; changing emotional issues, such as anxiety, phobia’s, or depression; or improving relationship patterns.

Hypnosis is simple, easy, and a great method of change for many different life areas. Most people enjoy the benefits in a short time.