"Just wanted to say thanks again, you've really turned my life around. I keep looking back at this year and I'm just really amazed at everything I've changed and accomplished. I just feel like I can do anything now. I really didn't know that life could be like this, and I'm grateful every day that I live in this happy, peaceful state of my mind. I'm still in awe of how only a few months could just erase all my maladaptive, negative thinking, and I never would have imagined a year ago that I could be where I'm at today and live the way I do. No more thinking about calories, no more not feeling good enough, and just being content with who I am.

I'll keep referring everyone to you! :)"

Thank you,

-O. M.

"My goal was to be comfortable around other people and to like myself.  Goal accomplished!  With Carmen's very powerful tools and understanding, she set me free.  I look forward to my future now.                                                                                          

-Geri Williams

"Carmen offered concern and compassion. She is very knowledgeable in various therapeutic techniques in addition to hypnosis, and we used or discussed these methods to remedy my problem. I would highly recommend her as a therapist and I believe you will be happy with the results."
- Brian Filmore

"In working with Carmen she helped me to get through traumas and a lot of stress which I have had to deal with for 30 years. I highly recommend Carmen for anyone out there dealing with life traumas, stress, and severe anxiety; I know it has helped me and I believe she can help anyone out there dealing with these issues."
- Catherine Terns

Weight Release

"Carmen Cady's Trim-Life Weight Release Program worked for me. I grew up in an overweight family and have struggled with frustrating food and body image issues all my life. Since starting Carmen's program nearly two months ago, I have been enabled to make some very dramatic changes in my life:

  • I used to eat for all kinds of reasons such as entertainment, pleasure reward, comfort...RARELY because I was truly, physically hungry. NOW my mantra is "Food is Fuel," and I only ever eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full.
  • I used to almost always eat mindlessly while reading or watching TV. NOW I eat with no distractions. Food tastes so much better and is so much more satisfying!
  • I used to stuff myself on a regular basis. NOW I am not interested in eating more than I need. Again, "Food is Fuel!"
  • I used to go whole days with no fruits or vegetables. NOW a meal doesn't seem complete without them!
  • I used to have empty calorie (junk) food on a regular basis. NOW I literally have no desire for them - and I don't feel the least deprived!
  • I used to be either dieting (and feeling most deprived) or splurging (mostly splurging, mind you). NOW I am enjoying a healthy, satisfying relationship with food for the first time in my adult life.
  • I used to live with constant harping (sometimes truly cruel and vicious comments) from my "inner critic." NOW "her" nasty comments are few and far between.

How much weight have I lost? I don't know, and furthermore I don't care. I can tell you my clothes are far more comfortable. In fact, after just seven weeks I am wearing clothes I haven't in years. It took me a long, long time of overeating and stuffing myself to get to a size 20. It will take a long time of eating like a size 12 to melt away those consequences."

"But who cares? I feel so much better, both physically and mentally. And this is for life - not a "quick fix" that will rebound to splurging at the drop of a hat. I have never been so at peace about food and my body image in all my life."

"Thank you, Carmen. You've given me an immeasurable gift!"

                      ............Candance Weaver, Museum Administrator

 Weight Release not Weight Loss

Through Hypnosis I found the reason(s) I over eat.

Listening to my Healthfit CD’s gave me the power to work on healing and releasing those old scars.  I love being able to put my headphones and go into that totally relaxed state of mind. 

Now when I grab for food when I am under stress or feeling overwhelmed I stop and think about the real reason I use food for comfort.  Do I always put the cookie back in the cookie jar? No, not 100% of the time but that’s ok, I consider myself work in progress. I no longer obsess about weight and my body image.  Calm and Relaxed is my new mantra.

Thanks Carmen for helping me RELEASE my weight not just loose it only to be found again.

Paula Moyer