"Targeted Issue Resolution " 


Many times in our life we face difficulties, challenges, and blocks in realizing the kind of life we want, the kind of relationships we want, the kind of career we want. These difficulties emerge in our lives in the form of stress, poor choice making, bad habits, and negative thinking. Sometime we just feel plain stuck in life circumstances, not knowing how to move forward. Maybe we’ve lost meaning and direction.


I invite you to get unstuck. To get clear about what you want and what is stopping you from getting that. I invite you to clear up thinking and emotions that no longer work. I invite you to begin to have the kind of relationships you would like to have, to be the leader you would like to be, to feel good about your work, and attract the right circumstances into your life. This is all possible.


Through the tools, techniques, and therapeutic methods I employ, I have witnessed countless people move past their mental and emotional obstacles, align their thinking with their goals, become empowered, and have the courage and strength to create the lives they want to be in. What seemed difficult became achievable.

I am a personal empowerment coach, a hypnotherapist, an organizational trainer, and a motivational speaker and I look forward to helping you achieve your goals. For an in depth look at me and my services please visit the Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and About Me pages.




Specializing in...

Anxiety and Stress, Esteem and Confidence, Career and Organizational Performance, Habits, Life Transitions, Interpersonal Interactions, and Spirituality. Individual and Groups.



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